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Quickly Tap Into The Power Of Home Staging And Sell Every Staged Home Faster!

What if you had to sell a house but you couldn’t say a word? 

You couldn't say anything - no sales pitch, no comments...nothing.  Imagine if you had to step aside and let the house sell itself. 

What would you do, or more importantly, do you know how to stage the house so that it made the best first impression?

Do you know how to make people fall in love with your listing and be so excited they can't resist putting in an offer? 

Now let me ask you a question....

Do you want to learn how to stage a listing so that more people say...

  “Wow! This place is perfect!"? 

home staging furniture and accent items

Introducing the Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) Course – Get All You Need To Know About Home Staging In Just One Day!

Created by industry leader RealtyU, this course was then expertly transformed into a cutting-edge multimedia learning experience for agents serious about their careers.  This course is revolutionary because it offers a simple and easy way to obtain a very comprehensive understanding about home staging.  Now available online from the convenience of your computer or through a traditional classroom setting so you can choose what works best. 

This online home staging course shows you exactly how to help your clients stage their house for a faster sale.  Not to mention that it will affirm you as genuine real estate professional by offering home staging as a true value-added service. 

No other home staging course offers this amount of comprehensive information at such an affordable price!

Why Spend $500 - $3,500 To Learn About Staging
When It’s Now Available For Only $199.

The National Association of Realtors recently announced that property inventories are at an all time high. Gone are the days when you only had to sell the benefits of the house…now buyers have tons of choices and sellers are looking for only the most qualified agent to list their house.  Today, competition is stiff and sellers must present their home in the best possible light if they want to sell quickly. 

Successful real estate agents all agree…Staged Homes Sell Faster! 

When you show a house that has been properly staged, you have 100% confidence that the first impression a buyer gets is a good and lasting one. Proper home staging showcases the benefits of the house in the best possible light.  It makes the house look like a model home allowing potential buyers to easily visualize themselves living there.

Home Staging Is a Trend That Is Becoming A Standard In Real Estate. 
You Can Profit From It Now!

Each and every home presents a staging opportunity.  Curb appeal is generally only the initial view, but there is so much more needed to create the “wow” factor.  In the future, every real estate professional will need to know about staging as it becomes the industry standard homeowners expect from the agent they choose to hire.

Every real estate agent should be equipped with all the necessary skills and tools to educate the seller on how to present their home for a fast sale.  Very few buyers will make an offer on a house that doesn’t get them excited. 

Staging is the crucial step needed to help a buyer connect with a listing and visualize themselves living in the home.  Staging showcases the house in the best possible light.  After all, we never get a second chance to create a great first impression so it is imperative that the house is “dressed to impress.”

AHS Course Teaches The Best, Most Widely Accepted Principles
And Concepts Of Home Staging.

The goals of course is to…

  1. Give you the knowledge, resources and tools needed to quickly and efficiently guide your sellers through the staging process.
  2. Describe in detail the benefits of staging in the process of pre-sell preparation.
  3. Show how to plan with a homeowner.
  4. Teach you how to use the tools presented in this course to stage a home.
  5. Coach you on how to establish a list of resources and subcontractors to make staging easier.
  6. Guide you on presenting the benefits of staging and getting seller buy-in.
  7. Develop, design and create a complete professional Stager’s Toolbox.

This home staging course is perfect for…

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Assistants
  • Homeowners
  • Staging Professionals
  • Interior Designers
  • Photographers

How To Get The Knowledge, Understanding, And Resources To Easily Guide Sellers Through The Home Staging Process!

The Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) course focuses on giving you, the Real Estate Professional, a foundation and solid overview of all the key aspects of home staging.  Home staging skills are not difficult or complicated.  They can be quickly and easily learned just by following the basic interior design principles which are detailed during the course.  The home staging knowledge you gain will last a lifetime and your skills will become second nature as you put it to work in your business.

TABLE OF CONTENTS - The AHS Course Is Modern, Up to Date and Comprehensive. Focusing 100% On Home Staging and the Home Staging Process!

More home staging furniture for a staged home.

Experts All Agree!  Staged Homes Sell Faster And For A Higher Price!

Staged home soldAccording to a recent USA Today article, a major residential brokerage company looked at nearly 2,800 properties in eight different cities and found that staged houses sold in almost half the time the non-staged houses did.  They also found that sellers got substantially more money for a staged home.

This is further backed up by a HomeGain survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide that found moderately priced home improvements made before the sale, ranging from $80-$2,800, ended up producing the highest return on investment at the time of the sale when compared to other home improvement projects. 

Once you start offering home staging as a service, imagine all the referrals you’ll start getting from clients!

As the real estate market gets more and more competitive, every real estate professional will have to offer free home staging as a service in order win.

Staged Homes Attract More Potential Buyers And Gets Them Excited!

Staged homes will attract more real estate agents which results in more advertising.  If real estate agents love your listing, they’ll want to show it off.  It gives them an easier way to make a sale.  If you stage every one of your listings, chances are good that agents will eat it up.  When they do, they will advertise your listing more than others and as a result – your listings get more attention. This way, you can benefit from a lot of exposure at absolutely no extra cost.

A staged exterior also draws more viewers. When home buyers first arrive at a listing, they instantly make up their mind whether they should get out and look around, or drive off.  If the yard is staged with flowers manicured and properly taken care of, chances are excellent that the buyers will want to see more. If every one of your listings entices buyers by showing a nice looking outside, they will surely want to know what the home is like on the inside.

Home Staging Generates More Referral Business

Home staging will help grow your business dramatically by increasing the referrals you get from satisfied clients.  When you introduce home staging as part of your marketing plan and ensure that your client’s home is prepared for sale before you put it on the market, your listings will sell faster and your reputation will grow.

Success in today’s market will quickly result in your clients recommending you to other sellers, especially when you earn them more than the competition.  What better way to get more business than through referrals.  Studies prove that referral leads close about 73% of the time.

12 Reasons Why It Pays To Stage!

1. Turbo Boost Sales Time

Experts all agree and studies show staged homes sell quicker than non-staged homes.  Sometimes 30-50% faster in most areas.  This is more important then most people realize because the longer a home is on the market….the greater chance for a price reduction.  Most buyers and buyers agents believe that, if a home has been on the market for some time, there must be something wrong with it or that the seller will be anxious to sell and will take much less than the asking price.

2. First Impressions Last a Lifetime

People’s first impression of your listing is critical.  Staging gives you the best opportunity to make a positive first impression rather than a negative one.  The stronger the impression the less likely a potential buyer will be bothered if some things aren’t perfect.

3. Gone In 60 Seconds…

Psychology experts have proven that people react based on emotion and then seek logic to back up the feeling.  From a real estate perspective, a buyer will make an initial reaction in less than a minute whether they like your listing or not.  Then, after the potential buyer's initial decision has been made, they will either confirm that decision or rescind it in the next 6 to 20 minutes as they tour the property.  This is why proper staging is critical for any listing...     

4. Ready, Set, Go – Move-In Ready Sells Faster

A properly staged listing not only appears to be in “Move-In Ready” condition, but it really is.  Staging a house for sale means that every component of the house is as close as possible to model condition.  All buyers prefer to buy home where they can just move-in and start enjoying life.  They will even pay a premium for this.

5. Imagination Not Included

Did you know that only 5% of the population can truly visualize how beautiful a home can be or see past the clutter, grime and so-so appearance?  It’s true.  Help potential buyers see themselves happily living in your listing and let the offers come pouring in. 

6. Be the Needle In The Haystack.

Staged homes have a much greater competitive advantage over houses that are not staged.  Let’s face it.  Experts are predicting that more and more listings will be sitting on the market for sale in the next few years.  Some areas have already seen a 100-300% increase in available inventory and average time on market.  A staged home stands apart from other listings because it has been properly merchandised to bring out the best qualities of the listing.

7. No Skeletons In The Closet

Staged homes project an image of being well maintained and well cared for.  The underlying psychological message that is sent to potential buyers is that it’s worth more.  More importantly, staging helps remove a certain degree of risk that a potential buyer might have about buying a house that is in disarray.

8. Appraise It High Or Go Home

As more and more homes become available, you need every advantage possible.  One marketing advantage you might overlook is to create instant loan to value (LTV) by getting an appraisal after the house is staged.  If you can show a potential buyer how much the home is worth i.e. appraised value and the sales price is less….instant value.  It will sell faster because it appears to be a better deal. 

9. Move To The Head Of The Class

Real estate professionals never like to show a house that’s not going to impress their buyer.  A well staged home could easily be described as “staged to sell” which means that it’s going to impress their buyer. Staged homes are always at the top of the list when it comes to which properties an agent will show.

10. The Exception To The Rule – The Buyer’s Rule

Would you show a house to a buyer that didn’t meet their exact criteria?  Maybe…but ONLY if the house is staged properly and gets clients excited.  If an agent knows that a listing shows really well, but doesn’t match the buyer’s criteria exactly, it’s possible they’ll show it anyway.  A well-staged home could be the one to get a buyer excited enough to make an offer. 

11. Peace, Love and FREE Advertising

Brokerages love showcasing beautifully staged homes because they draw more business to their firm.  They usually invest considerable money to advertise a well staged listing to generate leads for other agents.  Why not capitalize on your firm’s need to generate fresh leads by learning how to stage every listing to its fullest potential and then sit back while they use it for shameless promotion.

12. Show Me The Money!

The better a home shows - the higher it will sell for which means more dollars in your pocket. Non-staged homes are more likely to require price reductions in order to sell as opposed to staged homes, which are more likely to enjoy a number of offers, possibly a bidding war or a sale above the asking price.

Why Not Offer Home Staging As A Value-Added Service To Differentiate You From Other Less Qualified Agents?

As the real estate industry evolves and discount brokers put more pressure on full-service real estate agents, your success may start hinging on your ability to provide more value above and beyond the competition.  The ability to offer staging during the listing presentation does just that.  It helps you compete with all the new companies coming out that will list a house for 1%.

AHS makes it easy to get in the door and also close the listing.

All agents need to improve their ability to generate leads, get in the door and close the listing.  The AHS course gives you several ideas to immediately grow your business.

After you finish the course, you'll be able to:

  • Add the AHS designation to your marketing and show people how committed you are to being a professional real estate agent.
  • Send out our highly successful press release announcing your new value-added service and generate new business.
  • Improve your listing presentation by adding our professionally designed pages so you can prove you offer home staging as a value-added service.
  • Use the DIY HomeStaging Action Kit as a free marketing tool offer in all your advertising to generate more leads from all your advertising.
  • Offer staging as a free service with Seller's, FSBO's and expired listings to generate more business and referrals.
  • Plus, anything else you can think of!

AHS Course Shows You How To Quickly Stage a House

Online home staging course example roomThe course gives you a step-by-step process for staging a house.  It takes you from the outside and moves you through the house room by room.  Each room is covered with a comprehensive checklist so everything is easy to follow. You will be able to give a homeowner a complete action plan to get their home staged to sell fast.

The AHS course goes through a logical 5-step sequence for staging a home both inside and out with each step broken down for every room. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts plus the best way to deal with the client to avoid the potential for hurt feelings... 

Step 1 – De-Cluttering

This is the single most important action you can take in preparing the home for sale.  Your goal is to remove as much visible clutter and turn disorder into order.  This includes removing any excess and unnecessary furniture so the rooms look bigger. 

Guiding your client through the de-cluttering process and identifying what items should be removed is a delicate situation and one that you need to handle with great sensitivity.  The AHS course teaches you exactly what to do for each room and how to best handle the client during the process.

Step 2 – De-personalize

You will learn why it’s important to remove everything that provides any information about who lives in the house. That means removing all photo frames, clearing off all information from notice boards, kid’s schedules, invitations and photographs, religious symbols and even prescription drugs.

These items only act as distractions for the house hunter and you don’t want to lose the naturally curious prospective buyer to a display of family photographs.  And perhaps more importantly, you don’t want to expose your seller’s personal information for any potential illegal use.

Step 3 – Repair

The AHS course will show you how to find problems with a listing that need repair. The kind of repairs we are referring to are what the eye can see…not major electrical or plumbing issues.  We’re talking about leaky faucets, broken tiles, damaged hardware, etc.

A home that is in a good state of repair indicates to potential buyers that the house has been well maintained and is not hiding something that will cost them down the road.  It’s important that you learn how to take each room step-by-step and look for items that need repair.  The AHS course gives you easy to follow checklists that make this step a no-brainer.

Step 4 – Cleaning

The rule here is clean and then clean some more!  This is without a doubt most critical to your success.  Consider the impact to a potential buyer that gets the impression they will have to spend days and days cleaning a dirty home before they can even unpack a single box.  Dirt puts buyers off faster than anything!

So what's the correct way to make sure this happens?  The AHS course teaches you several ways to address this step with your client.  The most important thing to remember is to be delicate.  It’s very easy to offend your client if this is handled badly.

Step 5 - Decorating

Decorating is accomplished mainly from repositioning the existing furniture, revamping certain pieces, adding accent pillows, replacing or adding art, and maybe incorporating other accessories. The AHS course will show you exactly how to do this and also give you resources that you can use if you need to add some items.

The hardest part about decorating is creating symmetry.  The AHS course gives you several easy to learn strategies to ensure that every room is decorated correctly.

How To Assemble An Army of Home Staging Resources and Quality Subcontractors So It's Easy To Get a Home Staged.

Staged home course notes and penA service directory of resources and subcontractors is a priceless tool.  The AHS course shows you how to build an on-going list of recommended tradesmen and companies in your area whose skills and services play an important role in assisting you with completing all your staging projects.  Your list will only contain tried and tested products so your clients don’t have to worry.  Referring people who are timely, quick, and cost-effective to deal with the common problems that exist in many homes.

Having this comprehensive resource will thoroughly impress prospects during your listing presentations and make it much easier to get each listing staged with minimal effort.  You will also be able to negotiate multiple referral agreements from the people once you get more success from staging every listing.

The AHS course teaches you how to assemble your list, what to look for, and how to watch out for hidden dangers. This section alone could save thousands of dollars just from learning how to avoid many common problems with subcontractors.  Not to mention it gives you the understanding you need in order to get buy in from your client. 

Ensure Your Home Staging Success With Easy To Follow System and Checklists.

The AHS course covers how to stage each and every part of a house from the outside to the inside. Staging strategies are given for each and every room of the house giving you a comprehensive understanding of the staging process.

As part of this course, you will get a copy of the “Stage-It-Quick” Interior checklist and the “Stage-It-Quick” exterior checklist. Both provide you with a thorough checklist of items generally done to stage every house.  In this way, both you and your client can go through the house and create an easy to follow to-do list without the hassle of trying to remember everything, 

The AHS Course Guarantees You More Business.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the AHS course so we offer you the most customer focused guarantee available for any staging course.  Here it is.  If you can’t complete at least 1 transaction in the next 180 days, call us up and we’ll refund you the cost of the course.  It’s that simple!  If you aren’t making money, we’ll refund your investment in this course because it obviously didn’t help at all.

No other company stands behind their products and their ability to help you succeed like we do.  Nobody!

Some more home staging furniture

AHS Course Is Presented In An Easy-To-Understand Interactive Format

The AHS course is presented in an easy-to-understand interactive multimedia format making this the most modern course on staging available today. Most online course are boring and not very interesting, but not this one.  It keeps you engaged and learning.

Not every course you take is going to be this interactive.  Some courses are just a couple of videos and workbooks.  Those courses are often not created by education professionals, but by the subject matter expert that happens to be very good at staging. For you this means that you might not be able to learn enough of the material to get your money’s worth. 

Have you ever taken a course and found yourself frequently nodding off during the presentation?  That’s because you probably got bored since it was created by those that don’t have an education/learning background.

Take The AHS Course NOW!  Only $199 or Just 3 Easy Payments of $69…100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Imagine, in less than one day, you can begin offering home staging as a true value-added service for your clients.   Just think of how many referrals you will start getting once you sell a house faster and for more money because you took the AHS course.

Ironclad 100% You-Can't-Lose
MoneyBack Guarantee!

Because we're so confident you're going to love this course, we're willing to extend an ironclad, 100%, you-can't-lose moneyback guarantee:

Take the course. Learn all the advanced home staging skills. If, within 180 days of completing the online Accredited Home-Staging Specialist course, you do not increase your annual home staging course guaranteeproduction with one additional listing or sale, we'll refund 100% of the money you paid for the course!

Fair enough?

If you have any doubts whatsoever about buying this course and learning how to stage a home for faster sale, here's what I recommend.

Don't decide now if it's for you. Just get it. Learn the skills. Give it a whirl.

You have all the time to think about it you need because I offer a 6-month, 100% moneyback guarantee.

4 Easy Ways To Order…

  1. To get enrolled in the online Accredited Home-Staging Specialist course for the incredibly low price of just $199 or 3 payments of only $69.

    Click here to order online.

    (Remember: If you're not thrilled with our step-by-step strategies, and don’t add at least one more listing or sale to your annual production in 180 days. You pay nothing AND you keep the knowledge -- a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!)

  2. To order by phone: Call us at 435-359-6861 (8am - 6pm Pacific Time) and mention "AHS Course." If you call outside of business hours, please leave us a message with your call-back number, the best time to call, and the publication number.

  3. To order by mail or fax, click here to print out an order form.

  4. If you'd prefer to have us call YOU for your ordering information, click here.

As soon as you order it, you will be able to take the course immediately.  And you'll even be able to complete everything the very same day if you want.

Just think...this might be one of the last weeks you ever have to worry about separating yourself from other agents and earning more money.

It wouldn't be the first time it happened to someone like you.

About The Provider: Formed in 1995, RealtyU Group has developed into the nation’s largest education and training company in the real estate industry. With over 200 campuses, 20 online education websites, the RealtyU Group assists over 200,000 agents with their career every year. Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) is part of the RealtyU Group and is not affiliated with American Home Shield Corporation (AHS) which is known by the same acronym. For more information about them please visit The mission of the RealtyU Group is to "Help Real Estate Professionals to Achieve Higher Levels of Success by Providing a Comprehensive Portfolio of Relevant, Quality Education and Training." is about the AHS real estate staging designation, home staging and staged homes.

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