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First American
First American Natural Hazard Disclosures is among California's top providers of hazard, tax and claims history disclosure reports providing real estate professionals and home owners with the "best and the brightest" of the disclosure industry.

RealtyU® Group
Leading educators in the nation helping real estate professionals gain a better and deeper understanding of the knowledge they need to gain to better server the home buyer and home seller such as the Certified Neighborhood Specialist course.

eNeighborhoods, Inc., the nation's premier compiler of home and neighborhood information, providing real estate professionals with a comprehensive set of tools they use everyday to present buyers and sellers with the most up-to-date, localized information.

Connecting Neighbors
Connecting Neighbors, division of Reply! Inc., is the country's leading provider of Internet-based neighborhood marketing programs for real estate professionals in more than 13,000 neighborhoods.

Benefits of A RealtyU Online Course

Our “On Demand” courses are designed to allow students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and to be able to repeat any and all sections of the course for six months after first enrollment. The online class also provides students the ability to stop and return at any time and the RealtyU LMS (Learning Management System) keeps track of which sections were completed and which not.

RealtyU®’s LMS allows for video footage, audio interviews, Power Point, text, quizzes, links to websites and the ability to download documents. It utilizes interaction as much as possible to keep students engaged, yet the course is broken into bite size sections to allow for fast loading times.

We also manage a Help Desk for all career and course related matters. The Help Desk is open Monday through Friday 9:00PM – 5:00PM EST.