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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete the course? 

 The AHS course is a one-day course, but depending on your skill level, can be completed online between 4 to 5 hours depending upon the time that the student spends on the Work Sessions, the Knowledge Checks and in taking the final exam.  Everyone moves at their own pace and may elect to review any number of sections more than one time, which has a direct affect on the total time.  The classroom version of the course will either be a half day or a full day, depending upon the instructor delivering the course and the time spent on the Work Sessions.

2. Can I use the AHS designation immediately after completing the course?

Yes, the AHS designation is awarded upon completing the course and passing the final examination.

3.  Is the term "staging" federally trademarked? 

No. The term staging has been around for a long time and although there are those who indicated that it is trademarked it is not.  Anytime there is a question like this you can do your own research by checking with the Trademark office click here.

4.  What will I be able to do after I take this course?

You will have a very solid foundation in the art of staging a home for sale.  The information you will have gained will provide you with the tools to be very comfortable in explaining the process to your clients and assisting them in developing a staging plan for their home.  You will be able to offer staging as a true value added service that will provide your clients with a faster sale and a higher sales price.

5. Does this course count for CE?

The online version of the AHS course does not provide any CE credits in any state.  The classroom version may, depending upon the RealtyU School that is delivering the course.  To determine if the RealtyU School you plan on attending has obtained CE credit for the course you will need to contact the school directly.  To find a RealtyU School near you just click here and select your state … Click Here.

6. Is this a NAR approved course and designation?

NAR recognizes the courses and designations that it owns.  They own 14 of the over 70 real estate designations in the industry.  RealtyU®, Inc. has been in the real estate education industry since 1994 and has offered, created, presented and certified numerous courses and designations including Seller Agency, Buyer Agency, Luxury Homes, Seniors, etc.  Courses are delivered through its network of over 200 locations consisting of proprietary schools and Realtor Associations.

7. What additional fees or expenses can I expect?

One year after you have completed the course there is a membership fee to the Council of Home-Staging Specialists of $99 per annum.  The council provides a variety of services from on-going training, to press releases and marketing information and hosts the Staging Specialist website that is lists all AHS designees by state and is optimized to reach top rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. 

Do I need any previous experience with interior design or decorating?

No.  The AHS Course has been designed with the real estate agent in mind.  It has been developed to provide agents that have no background in either interior design or decorating with a solid foundation in Home Staging. 

9. W
ill this course teach me to be a professional home stager?

No. The AHS Course was not designed to make a professional real estate agent into a professional Home Stager.  As a real estate agent your job is to efficiently and effectively facilitate the real estate transaction and the AHS course gives you an additional skill set to help you do that job faster and more effectively.

10. Do you have to be a licensed real estate agent to earn the designation?

No.  The Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) course focuses on giving anyone a foundation and solid overview of all the key aspects of home staging.  Home staging skills are not difficult or complicated.  They can be quickly and easily learned just by following the basic interior design principles which are detailed during the course.  The knowledge you gain will last a lifetime and your skills will become second nature as you put it to work in your business.