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Real Testimonials From Students

  • Connie Archer
  • Allentown, PA
The AHS course is great and has enabled me to assist sellers prepare their homes looking at the buyers' perspective rather than their own. The concepts are relatively simple and I have certainly learned the importance of less means more. The videos were very clearly presented and I really enjoyed the course.

I was able to stage three listings since taking the course. One of the properties had been on the market for almost a year and I received an offer within a week of finishing the staging.

I would recommend this class for ...

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  • David Tippens
  • Gardner Real Estate
  • Mobile, AL
The AHS Home Staging Course I just completed was a great educational experience for me. It was filled with an easy to follow video presentation format with practical explanations of each subject being discussed.

I have watched many HGTV programs and read many articles, but didn't have a clear vision or the confidence to offer "professional" advice to my clients.

I have applied techniques I learned on 3 properties so far. An investment property I own sold within a month of staging it - I was only in the middle of the course! The 2nd listing I recently took has been getting plenty of activity, and the 3rd is scheduled to close in...

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  • Bridget Snook
  • Port Townsend, WA
It was very easy to see how home staging can either make or brake a sale. Most people can't see the potential in a house, home staging shows them. I look at properties with new eyes. I realize how important a clean, well kept home is. One that appeals to the senses. I found this course very interesting and easy to understand. I highly recommend it, to newbie or veteran...
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  • Catherine Cornelia
  • Eastchester, NY
The home staging information was excellent, presented in a manner that was easy to learn and apply. It was the best real estate course I have taken and the staging techniques provide a major benefit for my clients separating me from every other REALTOR® in my market. I am offering a service that "staging consultants" are charging hundreds of dollars for, a very tangible value I can bring to my sellers.

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  • Cindi McIntyre
  • Round Rock, TX
Becoming an Accredited Home Staging specialist allows me to market myself as a knowledgeable real estate agent, another notch to set myself apart from the average agent. This designation lets my clients know that I am qualified to assist them in staging their home. And a staged home usually sells in less time than an unstaged home...

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  • Kathy Hines
  • Plano, TX
As a new agent hungry for business, this was one of those courses that I decided to take to learn more for my business. To my surprise, this course has awaken the creative genius in me. I even use it during my listing presentations. The detail was simply wonderful and not overwhelming.

As a result of having taken the course, I have landed 2 listings. Most recently, yesterday, I got a listing and the owner is implementing my ideas before beginning to show. I am more confident...

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  • Jennifer Ford
  • Taylorville, IL
The AHS course was easy to understand. I also enjoyed the freedom to take my time and, if needed, return to the course at my leisure.

This Sunday there will be a press release in my local newspaper announcing my designation and the fact that I am the county's first accredited stager.

I have also added my designation to our web site. My fellow Realtors in our office are coming to me and asking me if it's alright to mention to their prospective sellers that they have access to a AHS, in case my services are needed.

I would recommend this course is well written, easy to understand and gives you the freedom to complete the course when you have time.

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  • Jan Smith
  • Prudential
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
This course made me aware that I could do this with very little financial investment on my part and make a clients home appealing and presentable with little expense and just a little team work. IT has already worked for me by getting an offer on a house, while nice, was very unexciting until I did a few things that just added some life to the home. My client was so pleased that he said I would have and come to his new home and stage it so it looks equally as nice.

That was the best complement I could have received.

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  • Scott Hansen
  • Bellevue, NE
This course explained in detail the simple steps to take to make a house market ready without insulting any home seller. Easy to understand without a bunch of fluff or filler material. The layout of the slides and material made sense and the exams made sure I was understanding the material to help give me the confidence I need for the course.

I would recommend this course because a great designation to have to back your knowledge of preparing a home for sale.

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  • Geneva Allison
  • Flowood, MS
I would most definitely recommend this course to agents who don't have any background in decorating(like I happen to have) to further their credibility in accepting listing that need to say "I'm ready to sell". Thanks again for great course!

I have since acquired two new listings that are in need of repairs and sprucing up before I will allow them to go on market. I was unsure how they would react but it proved to work its magic.

Think I've been more credible with a designation behind me and easier to convert non-believers.

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  • Elizabeth Murphy
  • St. John's, Newfoundland
An understanding that home staging need not be a big expensive operation. The fact that I have completed the course gives me the confidence needed to discuss setting up a home for viewing. Having a certificate helps homeowners give more credibility to your suggestions.

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  • Trish Coleman
  • Las Vegas, NV
This was fun!

The Accredited Home Staging course was matches the pace you set - whether slowly or quickly. The presenter was interesting, the graphics perfect and the materials were absolutely right on the money.

The biggest take away from the course is staging can not only bring in a higher and quicker profit from the sale of a home, it is also valuable to anyone in their home.

I'd recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn staging from the beginning to someone that has the foundation but wants to fine tune their knowledge.

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  • Elbert Davis
  • Huntington, WV
The biggest takeaway I had was how certain colors complement one another. I was completely clueless on this aspect until this course.

I was able to get 3 listings that I don't think I would have gotten without completing this course. I made suggestions on where to put flowers, how to maximize flow through a room, and if certain colored walls should be repainted.

This course gave me the confidence to suggest to sellers how to better stage their homes for more showings.

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  • Tracy Kreczmer
  • Spartanburg, SC
I used the designation on my mailings and on my website. And having re-painted a huge room in my house ...I used the color wheel and will hang the pictures in a more professional way. But that is just for my own use!

People took use more seriously. Before yes we were these stagers, but now we are accredited. Customers want to know that they are dealing with professionals!

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  • Shonda Freeman
  • Garland, TX
The AHS course was very convenient because I was able to work in the field and study the materials whenever I had time to devote to learning the material.

I mapped out a plan that will increase my ability to be successful in this exciting industry.

I would recommend this course to fellow agents because it is informative and convenient.

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  • Sherry Lynn Bell
  • Bristol, VA
Since taking the course I find my clients are more cooperative and take my suggestions. Now they won't let me list until they have made all the changes but they are pleased when they get a contract and close. After applying what I learned, the first listing which had been on the market before sold in 6 days.

I would recommend the course as it gives the agent another wonderful tool to use and the clients will be forever appreciative of that knowledge.

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  • ShaKeirra McKnight
  • Libertyville, IL
I feel like I now have a lot more confidence at listing presentation. When the question comes up - "Why should we hire you even though your commission is higher?" In addition to what my company can do for them and I promise to do for them, I actually have a SKILL that others don't, and have the AHS designation proves that.

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  • Michael Anderson
  • Santa Maria, CA
Like most education it isn't worth much if you can't apply it. I came away with knowledge that could be used the very first day. I work in an market that demands all the tools you can bring and Home Staging is an absolute must.

It was an immediate success. I showed one of my own listings and sold the home. The clients asked if this home had been staged. People recognize that something is different.

I am a believer in education for anyone who is serious about being in Real Estate.

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  • Lidia M. Smith
  • Dagsboro, DE
Because of my knowledge and confidence in the art of staging, I have been able to acquire every listing I have gone on so far. Some have been easy, but others have been difficult. I believe I have been able to close the difficult ones because of the expertise and confidence I have in staging. But most importantly, I have developed a friendship with all my clients that have resulted in many referrals...

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