• Cindi McIntyre

Interview With: Cindi McIntyre
of Round Rock, TX

What did you like most about the course?

The practical exercises & being able to take it on line. Becoming an Accredited Home Staging specialist allows me to market myself as a knowledgeable real estate agent, another notch to set myself apart from the average agent. The class reinforced a lot of the information that I already knew. However, this designation lets my clients know that I am qualified to assist them in staging their home. And a staged home usually sells in less time than an unstaged home.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

The reinforcement that most of what I already knew about staging is in line with what was taught in the course.

What actions did you take from applying what you learned in the course?

I'll start w/ staging my own home & office for practice.

What results did you create from applying what you learned?


If you would recommend the course to others, please express why with a few words:

Education is an integral part of being a real estate agent. The more knowledgeable we are, the more we can help our clients.

If you could learn about or master one additional skill to help you as an agent, what would it be?

I would like to learn how to become a better negotiator.