• Connie Archer

Interview With: Connie Archer
of Allentown, PA

What did you like most about the course?

The flexibility of being able to take the course at various stages and the ease of logging onto the site.

It is a great course and has enabled me to assist sellers prepare their homes looking at the buyers' perspective rather than their own. The concepts are relatively simple and I have certainly learned the importance of less means more. The videos were very clearly presented and I really enjoyed the course.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

Being able to tell the sellers that I am an Accredited Home Stager and this enables me to offer them expanded professionalism when listing and marketing their homes.

What actions did you take from applying what you learned in the course?

I gathered a list of professionals which include painters, handymen, landscapers and a rental furniture store to have readily available. In addition, I have a bag of tools, caulking and Mr. Clean Erasures in my car.

What results did you create from applying what you learned?

I was able to stage three listings since taking the course. One of the properties had been on the market for almost a year and I received an offer within a week of finishing the staging.

If you would recommend the course to others, please express why with a few words:

I would recommend this class for any realtor who wishes to be a true professional. My sellers have referred me to some of their friends as a result. It also was invaluable about stressing the initial curb appeal which gets clients in the door!

If you could learn about or master one additional skill to help you as an agent, what would it be?

How to prevent buyers from offering ridiculously low offers just because they here all the news about the real estate market.