• Kathy Hines

Interview With: Kathy Hines of Plano, TX

What did you like most about the course?

As a new agent hungry for business, this was one of those courses that I decided to take to learn more for my business. To my surprise, this course has awaken the creative genius in me. I even use it during my listing presentations. The detail was simply wonderful and not overwhelming. Every since the completion of this course, I make it my business to include organization and color as guide for staging.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

The biggest take away from this course was the use of color and organization.

What actions did you take from applying what you learned in the course?

Initial actions now include not just the structural qualities of the property, but the characteristics that are being presented in color as a technique.

What results did you create from applying what you learned?

As a result of having taken the course, I have landed 2 listings. Also I have made several contacts and appointments for latter listing appointments. Most recently, yesterday, I got a listing and the owner is implementing my ideas before beginning to show. I am more confident.

If you would recommend the course to others, please express why with a few words:

I recommend this course because it reveals the hidden retail color secrets as to how we are attracted to buy, buy, buy.

If you could learn about or master one additional skill to help you as an agent, what would it be?

That one skill I would like to learn about would be ' how to sell exclusive homes.