Interview With: Lidia M. Smith
of Dagsboro, DE

What did you like most about the course?

I enjoyed being able to do the Staging Course at my own pace and at my own scheduled time. The course was easy to understand, the instructor was very knowledgeable and having the summaries and quizzes was a plus at the end of each chapter.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course?

I found that my biggest takeaway from the course was the amount of valuable information that boosted my confidence when speaking to my clients during my listing presentations.

What actions did you take from applying what you learned in the course?

I took every suggestion that the instructor gave and put it into practice. Every time I go out to a listing...I first take a good look and familiarize myself with the outside of the home and look at the home thru the eyes of the buyer, make sure I compliment the client and listen to what they have to say (very important). I help them visualize "what the buyer would see and feel once entering their home."

What results did you create from applying what you learned?

Because of my knowledge, confidence in the art of staging, I have been able to acquire every listing I have gone on so far. Some have been easy, but others have been difficult. I believe I have been able to close the difficult ones because of the expertise and confidence I have in staging. But most importantly, I have developed a friendship with all my clients that have resulted in many referrals.

If you would recommend the course to others, please express why with a few words:

I recommend the Accredited Home Staging Course to every agent there is and experienced. A house is not just the outer shell, but what makes it a home is what the people place in it... familiarizing oneself with the styles, colors and accessories will give any agent an open door to a warm conversation with a client. Clients would rather work with one individual than with several. Be a well rounded agent...just like the color wheel.

If you could learn about or master one additional skill to help you as an agent, what would it be?

The art of photography... taking that picture that will entice any buyer.